Together Carole and Rachel make up two halves of Cool Health Ltd.

Carole and Rachel met in 2017 when they were both working for the same clinic in central London and on first sight, they knew they wanted to work together. They had to wait a few years for this, and finally, in 2020 they joined forces.

Together, they have a combined 52 years of experience and it shows. The level of detail and care in their work is second to none. They have extensive experience dealing with orthopaedic rehabilitation, pain management, soft tissue injuries, postural imbalances, hypermobility issues, musculoskeletal dysfunction, and sports performance.

They incorporate hands-on therapies (clinical massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and ScarWork Therapy, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release) that top and tail what each individual needs to balance and maximize their corrective exercise programmes. This process is tailored to each individual and is, of course, very different for someone at the beginning of their health journey compared to someone who is already well on their way but is looking for that extra edge.

Carole and Rachel work with a wide range of clients including those in commerce, athletes, those in the arts preparing for roles, needing to be “stage ready” both in appearance, endurance, and function, people pre-habbing and recovering from surgery, and those trying to avoid orthopaedic surgery. They are regularly referred to by consultants on Harley street for the results that they achieve. They also have a strong team of people that they refer to and work closely with.