Owner/ Director/ Corrective Exercise Specialist / Clinical Massage Therapist / ScarWork Practitioner

Carole was one of the first pioneers to champion and apply a holistic approach to health, fitness, and wellbeing.

She trailblazed the multidisciplinary approach to health long before it became the norm. Her decades of experience and knowledge imparted through her day-to-day client-facing work was (and is) ahead of its time.

Her books, National press columns, articles, media appearances, workshops and trainings, introduced her approach to a wider audience.

Many of the principles and ideas that Carole has conveyed over the years are now mainstream and have been part of the collective fabric that have helped shape the deeper, wider thinking and change in how generations can achieve and maintain overall optimal strength, health, wellbeing, and fitness.

Carole specializes in inflammatory issues, chronic and acute pain, MSK imbalances/ injuries/ dysfunctions, adrenal fatigue, digestive disorders, and hormone imbalances just to name a few. She uses a variety of modalities to ensure best results, including (but not limited to) Clinical massage therapy, Scar Tissue therapy, ELDOA, corrective exercise, gut health (including inflammation and digestive disorders)/lifestyle management, fascial unwinding, and lymphatic drainage.

Carole’s core skill lies in understanding how each of these aspects interconnect and play out for a particular problem. The presenting causation, and the interventions that might be needed in response, are often non-obvious and complex. In those instances what is needed is a multi-faceted response, involving multidisciplinary skills to bring about the most effective results.

Carole has worked with a wide range of people, ages, and job descriptions; from students, business people, and parents looking for solutions to deal with everyday malaise, injuries, low immune system, hormonal issues, and recovery from short and long term illness to orthopaedic surgery, and professional athletes in need of an extra edge to their performance.

Carole is also involved through charity Healing Hands Network, doing a combination of all the work described above, with Combat Stress, West London Mission, and veterans of war survivors of the Bosnian conflict in Sarajevo. Under Emma Holly’s  Restore Therapy banner she worked closely with Emma to lead a team of ScarWork practitioners while they supported British athletes in the Invictus Games qualifying training camps/ competitions and at the last Invictus Games.

Carole is not just an expert practitioner, she is an expert communicator too. She is able to encapsulate what needs to be done with no stone unturned and imparts that to her clients in ways they can digest and understand. She ensures her knowledge and insights are shared fully and that each person she works with has the tools they need to become independent and get themselves out of trouble when needed and into maximal health.

Carole is internationally renowned for her treatments and her unique ability to choreograph multiple modalities alongside programmes of movement and exercise to manage, reduce, and progress MSK issues.